New Faculty Program

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New Faculty Orientation

  • New Faculty Orientation: Tuesday, August 15th
  • New Faculty Lunch Series: Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
  • New Lecturer Orientation: Thursday, August 17th, Thursday, January 11th

Faculty Evaluation Cycle

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are a valuable method in receiving feedback from your learners. These evaluations take place during the last two weeks of the term and are administered online.  Find out more details on the CEbS Website.

Class Information

  • Faculty Center (access to class rosters, permission numbers, and more!)
  • Academic Technology (technologies used in teaching and learning):
    • Canvas Learning Management System
    • VoiceThread (discussion, presentation and engagement)
    • TurningPoint Technologies (clickers)
    • Turnitin (Academic Integrity)
    • Zoom


Research & Scholarship



Balancing Demand

Education faculty working with student