How do our undergraduates experience Humboldt State University? Here are findings from HSU's 2017 participation in the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE), an annual survey that collects information at hundreds of four-year colleges and universities about first-year and senior students' participation in programs/activities that institutions provide for their learning and personal development. The results provide an estimate of how undergraduates spend their time and what they gain from attending college. Learn more about our students and how they engage with our campus, how it compares with other CSU’s, and how that relates to the perceptions of instructional staff in this three-part series presented by Dr. Lisa Castellio, Associate Vice President of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

September 2017 NSSE Presentation
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NSSE asks students about their time in various learning activities that are linked to previous research on student success in college. You will also hear benchmarks and comparisons to other California State University (CSU) campuses that participated in the consortium.

November 2017 FSSE Presentation

FSSE, Faculty Survey of Student Engagement surveys complement the NSSE by surveying instructional staff (faculty and graduate students who teach) focusing on their perceptions of student engagement and interaction.

  • Video: FSSE Presentation (coming soon!)
December 2017 Presentation
  • Video: NSSE Inclusiveness and Engagement with Diversity Module Presentation (coming soon!)