John Steele

Goal: To use a structured review-preview period at the beginning of lectures to reactivate existing conceptual frameworks and prime the integration of new knowledge into that network.

Thoughtful development of preview-preview questions, feedback capacity, time(!)

Action Steps:  

 During the first ~5min minutes of lecture, provide students with 2 questions to review previously learned (from a prior lecture or another course) material that relates to that day’s lesson and 2 questions that preview material covered in that day’s lesson. Students will get 1 min to reflect on the review questions, then discuss with neighbors/groups for 2 min. Then repeat for the preview questions. A share-out period or collection of written responses can be used to gauge student engagement and for formative feedback.

Outcome Measurement

Everyone should learn more than they knew at the beginning of the semester, and everyone works to improve their own knowledge, rather than working towards a set target. If I design the assignments accurately, eventually everyone who puts in adequate effort should get an A, making up the points through multiple different ways.