Technological Expectations for Students

To succeed in remote classes this Fall, students should have at least the following technology. Any student who does not have these things should request them at

Minimum Requirements

Students are expected to have access to the following:

  • Computer (Windows/Mac/Chromebook)
  • Internet

Not all computers can do the same thing. Minimally, students need to be able to install the Zoom client and interact with webpages. A student using a Chromebook may need to access some software remotely using VLab (see below). Instructors should be clear about the software requirements of their courses.

Also, it's important to keep in mind that having internet is different than having good internet. Some students may just be using cell data. Expect that a student can access Canvas and watch a recorded Zoom session. They should be able to participate in a live Zoom session, but may not be able to have their camera running.

Lab Software Access

Student can access lab software in three ways:  

Recommended for Students

Most students will be expected to participate in synchronous class sessions through Zoom. As a result, we recommend having the following:

  • Headset with microphone.
  • Webcam(might be built-in to laptop or smart phone)

Use of a webcam might be limited by both internet availability (video is harder to transmit than just audio) and environment. Students may not be in a living situation that is conducive to having a camera on.


  • For scanning handwritten assignments, we recommend AdobeScan (Play StoreApp Store)
  • Students will not be expected to have access to a printer. 

Need Technology?

Faculty are also able to make requests for necessary technology; learn more here!