Keep Learning During Prolonged Campus or Building Closures

Keep Learning at HSU

Top Tip of the Summer!

Pause to think clearly, in the redwoodsTake several, deep, centering breaths. Appreciate that you've got time to do some thinking about who you are as a student. Consider some questions:

  • What have you gained from persisting through the disrupted spring semester?
  • What is the state of your learning?
  • How have you expanded your skills? perspectives? self-knowledge?
  • Do you want to adjust your coping strategies?

Take a couple of meta moments to be honest, and kind, and bold with yourself. You are awesome.

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You've Got This!

Interim Provost Bond-Maupin and the entire Academic Affairs team supports you!

Plus faculty and staff from all over Humboldt State!

Bringing the Pieces of Success Together

First, take care of yourself, your health

Consider these resources for your physical and mental health:

Also be on the look out for people who are sharing love and support these days — we're looking at you, John Krasinski, for SGN #1#2#3#4, #5#6#7 and #8! And the Getty art spoof challenge! When you find motivating or heartwarming links, please let us know!

Second, keep up to date on technology

Third, know the resources available to you


COVID-19 Grade Change Requests

Please review information on your option to change the grading scheme for your courses.

For transfer and graduation counselling please refer to PDF icondegree_caseloads_2019.09.19.pdf

Learning Center: Tutoring & Supplimental Instruction

Now more than ever, you might want some support with your class assignments. The Learning Center can help you stay on track and accountable to yourself through remote tutoring sessions and SI.
Click here to locate the Learning Center tab for more info.