Mid-Semester Feedback Program Video Transcript

Mid-Semester Feedback Program

Connecting through Feedback

Mid-Semester Feedback is a discovery process that solicits feedback from students on important aspects of learning within a course

The goal is to identify possible changes that may have a positive impact on the learning experience this semester

If asking for or giving feedback feels a little challenging know that, at Humboldt State, you are in a place of mutual respect and appreciation

When providing feedback, it is most valuable when it is specific, not general

Specific, constructive suggestions that focus on learning activities are far more useful than general critiques

For example:

He just lectures.

He just lectures...
and a short break would help me pay attention for the full lecture
but we need more time for student questions during lectures
and I would learn more if I got more hands-on practice

Source: University of Michigan, CRLT, 2015

Discussions were awesome!

Discussions were awesome!
...I loved how you created an environment where students were willing to share perspectives and disagree
...It was really helpful that you kept notes on the board during our discussions

Source: University of Michigan, CRLT, 2015

You've got the idea!

Feedback is anonymous but it's all about the students' learning experience

Feedback survey topics may include: useful and timely feedback, directions and resources needed to succeed as a student, applying what you've learned to new situations, connecting with the instructor, pace of the course

Student feedback can address anything important to their learning

After students share their feedback anonymously, the Center for Teaching & Learning sorts the responses and submits them to instructors

Instructors share the feedback with all students

Anticipate that some ideas could show a wide variety of perspectives on a certain topics

and other ideas could be implemented in the following semester

The Mid-Semester Feedback program promotes trust and opens opportunities to everyone to make the most of the remainder of the semester

Thanks for participating in Mid-Semester Feedback!

Humboldt State University Center for Teaching & Learning