Faculty Learning Community on Ungrading

people talking about ungrading


Let’s explore the opportunities and challenges of grading together! In this Faculty Learning Community (FLC), we will dive deeper into Ungrading—an approach that has many different ways of evaluating students’ learning that removes the anxiety of a grade for students, hence putting the focus on the learning.  The focus of this cross-disciplinary FLC is to explore and reflect on a variety of ungrading strategies and practices that help to remove barriers for students by focusing on learning, rather than performance only. The goal is to engage in discovery by trying new approaches, sharing with colleagues, and creating opportunities for ongoing critical reflection in our practice. The question that will guide us through our ungrading journey in this FLC is: How might ungrading change the way you teach and change the ways in which your students’ learning experience? This FLC framework will explore the practical, as well as the journey into ungrading.


  • Identify at least one area of ungrading that you’d like to explore

  • Implement one change in your grading practice as related to ungrading

  • Document and examine evidence of change

  • Share results/findings of implementation

  • Engage in peer feedback

Details of FLC

  • Cross-disciplinary cohort program 

  • Meets weekly in Fall 2023 (7 hybrid sessions: 10/6, 13, 20, 27, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1)

  • Implement (and share with peers) at least one ungrading practice/strategy

Commitment of Participants:
  • Participation in semester long FLC sessions
  • Participate in the Ungrading Reflection Journal
  • Implement and assess one ungrading practice/strategy
  • Share findings at the Spring 2024 Center for Teaching & Learning Annual Teaching Excellence Symposium
  • Manuscript publication (encouraged and supported by cohort facilitators)
  • Return as peer mentors (or facilitators) for future cohorts
  • Amy Conley, Education
  • Tani Sebro, Political Science

Notification of selections: September 12

Sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning