Teaching Forward

Teaching Excellence Symposium: Teaching Forward

Click the links below to watch a video or read comments on what your colleagues will be teaching forward.

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The Symposium videos are viewable through Panopto, which is Cal Poly Humboldt's video platform. You may be prompted sign in with your regular username and password to view the videos. And while you are in the Panopto interface, take a look at the tools on the left side including Details, Captions, and Search. You can read more about Panopto here.

Julia AldersonMichihiro SugataArmeda Reitzel
David AdamsSara Jaye HartJim Graham
Chant'e CattJack MurphyRouhollah Aghasaleh
Department of Child DevelopmentBori MazzagAlison Holmes
Kimberly Perris and Eden DonahueDave JannettaAndre Buchheister
Jeff BlackJacky BaughmanSarah Sterner
Jose Marin JarrinBrandilynn Villarreal and Maria IturbideRouhollah Aghasaleh
Berit Potter

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