FLC on Scholarly Teaching

The Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Scholarly Teaching at Humboldt will offer faculty at all ranks the opportunity to produce evidence of teaching effectiveness that goes beyond student evaluations in order to ultimately support student success and outcomes. Findings from faculty SoTL projects can be used as evidence of scholarly teaching in promotion and tenure reviews, contract renewals, and for data-informed improvement of future course offerings.

The SoTL FLC meets monthly over the course of two semesters. 

  • Faculty plan and implement a SoTL project over the course of one year with a Spring 2019 start and Fall 2019 completion.

  • Cohort members will receive one book (Inquiry into the College Classroom & Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and an iPad tablet as incentive to support access and data collection remotely/while in class. To receive the incentive faculty must meet criteria (i.e. complete first five sessions leading to a plan and submission of IRB etc.).

  • Cohort members present their projects at IDEAfest/Symposium or some other public forum at Humboldt

Co-facilitated by Pam Bowers and Kim Vincent-Layton

Whitney Ogle

Adamou Fode Made

Taylor Bloedon
Whitney Ogle
"Skill Acquistion and Group Skill in Motor Learning"
Adamou Fode Made
"Student Choice and Relevant Texts"
Taylor Bloedon
"Case Studies and Critical Thinking"

Debbie GonzalesKim Vincent-LaytonEileen Cashman

Debbie Gonzales
"Dual Relationships in Social Work"

Kim Vincent-Layton
"The Influence of Social Interaction on Sense of Belonging and Learning Outcomes"
Eileen Cashman
"Equity of Voice, Mastery, and Equity Opportunities"
Ruth Saunders
"Impact of Prior Physics Experience on Introductory Physics Grades"