Kim Vincent-Layton

Tentative Title/Topic

"The Influence of Social Interaction on Sense of Belonging and Learning Outcomes"

QuestionDoes the use of peer-to-peer discussion using VoiceThread technology influence sense of belonging in a first-year, blended public speaking course? (and how might this reduce course equity gaps?)
MethodsMixed methods: Pre/post, Written/Audio/Voice Reflections, Secondary Course Data
Sample Size50
Short Description

This project focuses on learning opportunities that are aimed at creating a sense of belonging for all learners, particularly first-year students. The research has demonstrated a strong connection between an increased sense of belonging and ability to learn (Ambrose et al., 2010; Walton & Cohen, 2011). Studying models of success that create a sense of belonging will contribute to the closing of course equity gaps. In service to this goal, this study will investigate pedagogical strategies that are supported by technology in order to find out whether or not this specific intervention shifts the equity gap in a required, first-year freshman course.

Quote“My students’ bring their stories to connect who they are to their learning”
What's Next?How can I build on this activity to thread through the course?
Kim Vincent-Layton