Teaching Excellence Symposium 2024 Presenters

This year’s Teaching Excellence Symposium highlights the dedication of the Cal Poly Humboldt community to teaching excellence, exploring the unknown, and preparing for what is yet to come. The CTL has worked closely with the campus community to explore how pedagogy and academic technology can improve and transform the student learning experience. We are honored to have collaborated with faculty to delve into their curiosities about course design, grading and assessment, curriculum alignment, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Join us on April 9 and see what is possible when together we navigate the possibilities for the future of teaching and learning for our students, campus, and community!

Explore your colleagues' work to define excellence and embrace change in these topics: 

Icons for course design, ungrading, program alignment, digital humanities, and artificial intelligence

Sarah Hart & Ramon Sotomayor: Digital Humanities: Timeline Project for Religious Studies 300Cinthya Ammerman: Course Design Academy presentation on using Design Tools and enhancing feedbackDavid Adams: Humanizing Online STEM Academy Liquid SyllabusMiller & Ballinger: Revitalizing Mentor Teacher Training: Enhancing Cal Poly Humboldt's Mentor Preparation for 21st Century Education
Amanda Dinscore & Debbie Gonzalez: A Library and Social Work Collaboration to Support Research-Informed PracticeDeirdre Pike: Me Versus ChatGPTLarisa Callaway-Cole: Social Annotation as a Constructivist Practice Atienza: Course Design Academy on Backward Design as Reaffirming Praxis Toward Decolonial Pedagogies
Li Qu: Preparing online courses to the level that students feel that they are being taught by human beings, not robotsDave Jannetta: Taking a Growth-based Approach Through UngradingNicole Jean Hill: Course Learning Outcomes as a Tool for Student Success in Art + Film CurriculumCinthya Ammerman: Creating a Bilingual Native Studies Course
Schwetman: Backward Design Focusing on Thinking, Learning and ChangingArt History: Collaborative Curricular Redesign — Art Historians Working Together for a Better Art 103A/BMichihiro Sugata: Redesigning Assignments Geared to Course GoalsTaylor Bloedon: Ungrading FLC A Standards-based Grading Approach
Torisha Khonach: Bringing It Together: Exploring Social Institutions and Stratification in Introduction to SociologyEden Donahue: Facing the Interface: The Impact of Interactions in an Online CourseSuzanne Pasztor: Engaging Students in Envisioning History: Digital Humanities in the History Classroom

Hannah Evans:
Haitian, Mexican, and Cuban Unrest

Abigail Claybrook: 
Their Roots,
Motions, and Consolidation

Josh Steimel: The Value of Feedback to Students and through the CTL’s Mid-Semester Feedback Program

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