Institute for Inclusive Teaching Excellence

(1) Call for Applications (2) Summer Institute (3) Learning Community (4) Workshops/Trainings (5) Project Assessment (6) Presentation @ Teaching Excellence Symposium

A culture of inclusive teaching and learning excellence exists when its individuals are collectively dedicated to its pervasive and dynamic manifestation.  This program is designed to support individuals as they define and apply their teaching goals to maximize student learning and success.  All Cal Poly Humboldt educators are eligible to participate.  

  • $3000 compensation
  • Summer institute = August 1-3, 2022

During the Institute, educators will:

  1. Identify a specific course to be the subject of their work and reflection
  2. Identify an action plan with stated inclusive excellence outcomes that draw upon an equity lens
  3. Create a draft plan for iterative assessment of student success measures
  4. Present action plan for collegial feedback
  5. Critically reflect on one’s growth in the program

          How It Works

          Faculty will work within both disciplinary and interdisciplinary groups that interface with those co-curricular units that support student success.  Such groups include the CTL, ODEI, ACAC, IRAR, CCBL, Learning Center, RAMP, Library, relevant units within ITS, the Social Justice and Inclusion Center, El Centro Académico Cultural, and Umoja Center for Pan African Student Excellence.  In doing so, the program will also utilize expertise of educators including, where relevant, staff, administrators and student leaders.

          Cohorts will follow an ESCALA-inspired framework to guide participation, development, and deliverables for cohorts.  Simply stated, the framework involves an immersive experience that establishes the year-long learning community cohort, regular events for personal development and critical reflective growth as inclusive educators and citizens, data informed project definition, application, and assessment, and a public presentation of one’s findings.  Key milestones and activities are as follows:

          • Summer: Participation in an Institute for Inclusive Excellence; three-day immersive experience. This experience will focus on cultivating the critically reflective educator.  As such, it will explore topics associated with the six pillars of inclusive excellence as well as its applications within university culture and classroom applications.  The CTL and ODEI have partnered to host the institute, but all content and learning experiences will be facilitated by various constituents and experts from the University community. 

          • Fall Semester Activities (selection of options)

            • Establish Learning Community and organize Cohort disciplinary and interdisciplinary meetings.  These meetings function to build off of common developmental experiences, provide opportunities for disciplinary project development, and solicit cross-disciplinary feedback. 

            • ODEI workshops and trainings - cohort members will outline a development plan that outlines participation in ODEI workshops and trainings. 

            • CTL workshops on inclusive teaching and course design - cohort members will outline a development plan that outlines participation in CTL workshops and consultations. 

            • Cal Poly Humboldt ESCALA workshops and learning communities 

            • Project refinement based on individual course analysis: observation, equity gap analysis, project definition and plan, a framework that builds off of the ESCALA HSI work that has been effective for cultivating culturally responsive educators in STEM disciplines over the last several years. 

          • Spring Semester Activities

            • Project execution and assessment.  

            • Present findings at the Teaching Excellence Symposium