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New Faculty Success at Cal Poly Humboldt

The Office of Academic Affairs supports a new faculty success program that is facilitated by the CTL and Academic Personnel Services. This work represents a robust and highly integrative approach to furthering faculty success, increasing retention, supporting faculty as they pursue tenure, and leveraging the insights and institutional experiences of tenured colleagues.  

New Faculty Orientation

The New Faculty Orientation (NFO) is a two day pre-semester event held twice a year at the start of fall and spring semesters. It is meant to give new faculty members information about the University as a whole, as well as let them know about the various resources available to them within the University and in the community. The event is sponsored by the CTL and APS and directly supports the university’s goal to support and retain faculty as they become acclimated to Cal Poly Humboldt. It also supports faculty performance and advancement by connecting them to the tools and resources necessary to excel in their roles.  NOTE: per CFA bargaining, New Faculty Orientation is for newly hired tenure earning faculty.  However, the CTL offers an additional orientation tailored specifically for new 

New Faculty Academy

The New Faculty Academy is a year-long series of bi-monthly workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and presentations that address a variety of topics relevant to the tenure at Cal Poly Humboldt. Meetings are held every other Tuesday morning from 9am to 10am.  One meeting is facilitated by the CTL and dedicated to supporting teaching excellence.  The second meeting is facilitated by APS and addresses scholarship and service.  Together, new faculty are able to strategically think about each dimension of their tenure portfolio. It is a program that directly supports the University's goal to support and retain faculty and complements New Faculty Orientation. Providing ongoing faculty and instructional development support and opportunities to Cal Poly Humboldt faculty is crucial to faculty and student success. 

New Faculty Mentoring Program

The Faculty Mentoring Program is the latest step in a broader strategic effort to provide multiple touch points for new faculty so that they can be successful at Cal Poly Humboldt.  This program is coordinated by APS and the CTL who currently oversee and facilitate New Faculty Orientation and New Faculty Academy.  The mentoring program is designed to be of, by, and for faculty with administrative units supporting where needed, providing resources, and aligning with existing opportunities like the NCFDD membership.  Additionally, the program resources and collaborates closely with the Faculty of Color Affinity Group to provide focused support for new faculty of color.

Tenure-Line Faculty Evaluation Cycle

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are a valuable method in receiving feedback from your learners. These evaluations take place during the last two weeks of the term and are administered online.  Find out more details on the CEbS website.

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