Fall 2023 Teaching Professional Learning
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Professional/Faculty Learning Communities
Faculty Learning Community on Ungrading

Let’s explore the opportunities and challenges of grading together! In this FLC, we will dive deeper into Ungrading—an approach that has many different ways of evaluating students’ learning that removes the anxiety of a grade for students, hence putting the focus on the learning. The focus of this cross-disciplinary FLC is to explore and reflect on a variety of ungrading strategies and practices that help to remove barriers for students by focusing on learning, rather than performance only. The goal is to engage in discovery by trying new approaches, sharing with colleagues, and creating opportunities for ongoing critical reflection in our practice. 

Fridays, 11am-noon (First and last session in Zoom; 5 middle sessions in-person)


Amy Conley (Education)

Tani Sebro (Political Science)

October 2-December 1

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Course Design Academy

The Course Design Academy is focused on re-imagining your teaching and your students’ learningthrough backward design. Selected participants acrossall teaching modalities (face-to-face, online, blended) and disciplines will have an opportunity to engage in afully online, asynchronous learning experience over four weeks. Includes opportunity to participate in optional, real-time “Student Hours” with facilitators.

Stipends provided by the CSU Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) 23/24 Grant



September 18-October 15 Asynchrnous online

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New Faculty Academy

A year-long learning community with bi-monthly sessions focused on teaching, scholarship, and service to support the 23/24 New Faculty Cohort



Bi-monthly Tuesdays, 9:00 am
Humanized Online STEM Academy


The Academy is a 6-week, research-based online, asynchronous professional development program centered on inclusive, culturally responsive online teaching. Cal Poly Humboldt is one of three founding campus partners. See: Humanized Showcases by Humboldt educator-Academy alumni.

Learn more about the Academy here: https://humanizeol.org/humanizing-academy/

Stipends awarded for completion.

October 2 - November 12

Spring 2024 date coming soon!


Mid-Semester Feedback Program
Mid-Semester FeedbackA discovery process that solicits feedback from students on important aspects within a course to identify any possible changes that may have a positive impact on students' learning experiences.

MSF Request Form

Requests accepted through October 2, 2023

Teaching Talks, Workshops, Discussions, and More!

AI (Artifical Intelligence) Discussion Series

logo for Artificial Intelligence Discussions

Don’t Miss the Conversations on AI in Teaching and Learning! Join your colleagues in exploring and discussing AI and how we can share strategies and resources to support meaningful learning.


Sherrene Bogle, Computer Science

Deidre Pike, Journalism and Mass Communication

Noah Zerbe, Political Science 


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Ongoing Professional Learning Anytime/Anywhere: CTL Instructional Hub

Login to the Hub and find a variety of learning modules for teaching and engaged learning

Self-enroll at https://canvas.humboldt.edu/enroll/K48KYT


New Lecturer Orientation

An orientation to teaching at Humboldt that supports new lecturers in preparing their courses and making connections to peers

Contact CTL for details

New Faculty Orientation

An orientation and building connections through teaching, scholarship, and service at Cal Poly Humboldt

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Annual Teaching Excellence Symposium


An opportunity to share your stories of teaching excellence, inspiration, innovation, and impact as a Cal Poly Humboldt educator

Spring 2024 Date coming soon!

Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) Program



QLT Peer Review Opportunity

Interested in non-evaluative, confidential feedback on your course? Participate in the QLT Peer-Review Process 

Facilitated by the CTL QLT Team


Fall 2023 CSU Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Training

Did you know that Humboldt is a QLT Campus? Learn how to apply the QLT to your course as a self-reflective tool and/or a tool to receive non-evaluative feedback on your course.

CSU Online Course Services offers FREE Professional Development Courses

Please register for a Professional Development course of your choice:

  • Introduction to Teaching Online using QLT: Introduction to teaching online with the CSU QLT rubric representing the 9 sections of QLT
  • Advanced QLT Course in Teaching Online: Advanced QLT course in creating a course and module structure that is in alignment with course objectives, incorporates social presence, equity-minded strategies, engagement strategies in synchronous and asynchronous activities, active learning with video, and alternative assessments. 
  • Reviewing Courses Using the QLT Rubric: Provides an in-depth experience with the CSU QLT rubric and ways to use objective-based examples to support reviewing and informing online and hybrid courses.

Sign up for a QLT Training by registering on the CSU Online Course Services website

In Case you Missed It!

Teaching Talk on Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT: Why does it matter?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve. Perhaps we have all experienced the role AI has played in our lives as we receive personalized ads or news reports read by AI bots. There are many ways we intersect with AI that are now commonplace. However, when AI begins writing student papers…well, that’s a different thing! Isn’t it?

Join us for a conversation with with Amber Gaffney (Psychology), Noah Zerbe (Politics), Keith Sollers (Computer Science), and Crane Conso (MA Psychology Graduate)

Friday, January 27, 2023

12-12:50 pm

Watch the Recording of AI/ChatGPT

Fall 2022 Teaching Talk: Hands in the Dirt, Boots on the Ground: Service Learning is Applied Learning

Service-learning is experiential, tricky, valuable, and leads to the outcomes of humility, resilience, and equity.  Come explore how to set-up service-learning classes for your discipline and imagine how experiential learning can help our community and, even more, support our students in accessing and honing their professional selves.

Facilitators: Amy Conley (School of Education), Sara Hart (Religious Studies), and Beth Wilson (Economics)

Watch the Recording of Hands in the Dirt, Boots on the Ground!





Announcement: Blackboard Ally Issues

Blackboard Ally is not always showing the Ally accessibility score for files in Canvas. This seems to be primarily affecting courses that have been copied from previous semesters...