How to Access Your Zoom Meetings in Panopto

In order to access your Zoom meetings, you will need to sign into Panopto.

Sign into your MyHumboldt.

From the Faculty/Staff Resources drop-down menu, select Panopto.

Screenshot of the MyHumboldt page with the Faculty/Staff Resources menu expanded and red arrow pointing at Panopto.

On the Sign into Panopto page, ensure that Cal Poly Humboldt SSO is selected from the drop-down menu, and click on the Sign In button.

Screenshot of the Panopto sign in screen.

This will take you to your Panopto Home page. In the left hand navigation, click on My Folder.

Screenshot of the Panopto main navigation menu with an arrow pointing at the My Folder option.

On the My Folder page, click on the Meeting Recordings folder.

Screenshot of the Panopto My Folder page with an arrow pointing at the Meeting Recordings folder.

In the Meeting Recordings folder you will find all of your Zoom recordings, which Humboldt has set up to automatically save to Panopto.

Screenshot of the Meeting Recordings page with a list of Zoom recordings.