How to Allow Others to Download Your Videos from Panopto

Locate the video you want others to be able to download from Panopto. Hover your cursor under the video title until a row of buttons appears, and then click on the Settings button.

Settings Button Highlighted


Step 1: Enable people to download your video

In the Settings pop-up window that appears, on the Overview tab, scroll down to Downloads.


Screenshot of the Panopto Settings popup window showing the Overview tab with the "Downloads" section of the page circled in red.

Select either Authenticated users with access or All users with access from the Downloads dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the "Downloads" dropdown menu.

  • Authenticated users with access: Only users who have access to the Panopto Video Viewer and are authenticated into Panopto will see the Download button in the video viewer.
  • All users with access: Everyone who has access to the video, even if they are not logged in, will be able to see the Download button in the Panopto Video Viewer.


Step 2: Share your video

Select Share from the Settings popup window navigation.

Screenshot of the Settings popup window navigation with "Share" highlighted in green.


Change video share permissions and/or add people or groups you want to have the ability to download the video.

Screenshot of the Panopto video options popup window; specifically showing Share options.


Share the video. In the Panopto Video Viewer, the Download button should now be visible!


Screenshot of the Information Bar at the top of the Panopto Video Viewer with the Download button circled in red.


Direct others to click on the Download button. The mp4 video file will download to their computers.