How to Copy Videos in Panopto

Locate the video you want to copy in Panopto. Hover your mouse over the video until another menu appears, then click on the Settings icon, which is shaped like a gear.

Screenshot of Panopto My Folder page with the cursor hovering over a video thumbnail revealing a menu with an arrow pointing at the Settings option.


In the popup window navigation, select Manage.

Screenshot of a Panopto video's Settings pop-up menu with an arrow pointing at the Manage option in the window's navigation bar.


On the Manage Session tab, scroll down to Copy video.

Screenshot highlighting the Copy Video section of the Manage tab in a Panopto video's settings.


Give the copy video a new name in the New video name field.

Screenshot showing the New video name field in the Copy video section.


Select a folder from the Copy video to dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste a folder name into the Copy video to field.

Screenshot of the Copy video to dropdown menu with the folder Canvas Course selected.


Click on Create Full Copy.

Screenshot of the Create Full Copy link located under the Copy video to dropdown menu.


Close the Settings window.

Screenshot showing how to close the Settings pop-up window by clicking on the X located in the top right corner of the window.


Go to the folder you copied the video to. The video copy should be there.

Screenshot showing that a Panopto video has been successfully copied to the intended folder.