How to Move a Video to Another Folder in Panopto

Sign in to Panopto and navigate to the folder where the video you want to move is being kept (this can be your My Folder, your Meeting Recordings folder, etc.).

Once in the folder, hover your mouse over the video thumbnail until a menu appears. Then, click on the Settings button, which looks like a gear.

Screenshot of a Panopto video thumbnail with an arrow pointing at the video Settings button.


In the popup window that appears, next to Folder, click on Edit.

Screenshot of the video Settings popup window with the Folder Edit button circled in red.


Type the name of the folder you want to move this video to in the search bar that appears, and then select the folder name from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of the video Folder name entry field circled in red with a dropdown of suggested folder names.


After you have selected the folder, click on Save.


Screenshot of the Save button located under the video Folder name circled in red.


Under Session Information, the Folder is now set to the one you want the video in. Click on the X in the corner of the popup window.

Screenshot of the Settings popup window with the close button circled in red.


The video has now been moved to the folder you selected!

Screenshot of the video we wanted to move in the new folder.