How to Share Video Feedback with an Individual Student

There are times where you may want to give individualized video feedback to your students.

Here’s how you can do that in your Canvas course using Panopto!

Step 1: Create a Panopto folder in your course

Click on the Panopto Video link in your course’s navigation bar.


Screenshot of a Canvas course navigation bar with Panopto Video selected.


On the Panopto page, click on Add Folder, type something like, “[Student Name] Feedback” into the provided field, and then hit Enter.


Screenshot of a Panopto folder where the Add Folder has been clicked and "Test Student Feedback" has been entered as the folder name.


Step 2: Share the folder with only one student

Click on the folder you just created.


Screenshot of a Panopto folder with the "Test Student Feedback" folder nested within it and circled in red.


Once you are in the folder, click on the Share button.


Screenshot of the "Test Student Feedback" folder with the Share button circled in red.


Directly under People and groups, click on the Change link next to “2 inherited from [folder name].”


Screenshot of the "Test Student Feedback" folder settings popup open to the Share tab with the People and groups Change link circled in red.


In the “Stop inheriting users and permissions?” popup window that appears, 1) deselect the Keep 2 members as added users checkbox, and 2) then click on the Stop Inheriting button.


Screenshot of the "Stop inheriting users and permissions?" popup window with a 1 next to a deselected "Keep 2 members as added users" checkbox and a 2 next to the "Stop Inheriting" button.


Under People and groups, type the name of the student you want to provide feedback to in the provided field and select them from the dropdown. Then, click on the Save button.


Screenshot of People and groups with a 1 next to "Test Student" in the "Add people" field and a 2 next to the Save button.


Now, only that particular student has access to any of the videos you upload into this folder! Repeat this process for other students.