How to Turn Off Discussions on a Panopto Video

Locate a video in Panopto and hover your cursor under the video title until a row of buttons appear. Click on the Settings button.

 Settings Button Highlighted


The Settings pop-up window will appear. On the Overview tab, scroll down to Discussion.


Screenshot of the Panopto Overview tab with the Discussion section circled in red.


Deselect the Allow viewers to post comments and Enable public comments by default on this video checkboxes.


Screenshot of the Discussion section with the "Allow viewers to post comments" and the "Enable public comments by default on this video" checkboxes deselected.


Close the Settings popup window by clicking on the close window button, which looks like an X.


Screenshot of the Settings popup window with the "close window" button, which looks like an "x," circled in red.


Now, when you view the video in your browser, it will no longer have a Discussion tab.


Screenshot of the Panopto Video Viewer interactive features navigation sans the "Discussion" feature.