Keep Learning During Prolonged Campus or Building Closures

5-Week Learning Challenge

Get your spring semester off to a great start! Use the 5-Week Learning Challenge (with live links) to help structure the crucial time at the beginning of your classes. For example, on January 26 there is a link to how-to information on synching your Canvas and Google calendars

Then pass along what is working for you! The Learning Center's Instagram and FB will share out what you are doing to meet the challenge. 

Daily suggestions to start your classes

Keep Learning at HSU

Your learning is the goal of all Humboldt State’s efforts, services and commitments. You’ve read through the HSU Campus Ready Student Guides and know the breadth of resources available to you today and throughout the academic year. Some things you’ll find on your own, others you’ll need to reach out and ask for. Your well-being and growth as a scholar is vital. 

Let’s focus on approaches to learning. It’s what you do that matters. With so much going on in the world, we hope you find studying, thinking, participating, and growing through your courses to be a respite and place of pride. Here are some suggestions.

Recognizing What Gets in Our Way & What Lifts Us Up

As you work through your courses, honestly yet kindly notice and reflect on what is working for you and what’s not. What is your bandwidth for time, space, technology, health and safety? What and who help empower you and keep you going? Take the opportunity to be your awesome self and consider some adjustments that might make a positive difference.

Prepare for Online Learning

Organize Your Thinking

Organize Your Technology

Enroll in Learning 101 - Learning with Technology at HSU

Play the matching game below to get a preview of ways you can enhance your learning skills in our Canvas course, Learning 101 - Learning with Technology at HSU.

Spring 2021 on a Page

Start the semester with the tools you need to succeed. The Learning Center offers many resources and is highlighting Spring 2021 on a Page with HSU deadlines included. Check it out!

Own It

Professor Jennifer Trowbridge of the Music Department challenges students in her syllabi:

I hope that you will go all in. Dig deeply into the material and absorb information that you will transform into your own personal knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. This is your education. Own it.

How about you? Challenge accepted?

Upcoming Opportunities


Organize your Digital Workspace 1/26 at 5 pm, 2/1 at 2 pm, 2/10 at 11 am, 2/22 at 5 pm

Science Resumes & Cover Letters (non-science majors are welcome too) 2/4 at noon

Apply for HSU Scholarships

Application opens November 15 & closes January 31. Search for scholarships available from HSU departments and private organizations. HSU's Scholarship Management System has information on over 200 scholarships. Click the Scholarships button on your myhumboldt portal to get started!