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Do You Know About Off-Campus Housing?

Finding housing in Humboldt can be hard. The Cal Poly Humboldt Off-Campus Housing Office, in partnership with people across the campus and community, has created an online course for you to be able to find, secure, and happily live in rental housing. It's part of Cal Poly Humboldt's commitment to Basic Needs and is the first of its kind in the nation.

HTLC bannerThe Humboldt Tenant Landlord Collaboration's course, Living in Community, uses an equitable lens to address housing challenges. Modules include tenant and landlord best practices, finance, mediation/conflict resolution, data/phisher protection, trash, recycling, thrift-store items, emotional/service animals, community resources, and  Humboldt Housing Liaison support.

You will hear community stories, learn about shared terms and definitions, watch videos of Humboldt community members' experiences with rental housing, read about landlord and tenant perspectives, and build skills and knowledge through interactive exercises.

Once you conclude the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (that you could include with your rental application), a Humboldt County Renters Handbook, and access to community housing resources.

Self-enroll in HTLC's Living in Community course today!

Three Cal Poly Humboldt students and their families and cat

Would your family like to learn too? There is a version of the course for them and any member of the public. Spread the word!

Our Shared Responsibilities

Humboldt logoThe Humboldt Social Responsibility Commitment is our campus community’s promise to protect ourselves and one another by preventing the spread of illness and helping maintain an on-campus experience.

Every member of Humboldt's community has a personal responsibility to ensure the University provides a safe and healthy environment.

Please reflect on the Humboldt Social Responsibility Commitment and the instructions each Humboldt community member is asked to follow. You must do your part to protect the health and wellbeing of our campus community.

Keep Learning Updates

CSU iPad Initiative

CSUCCESS (California State University Connectivity Contributing to Equity and Student Success) is offering every new first-year and transfer student ​an opportunity to register for a new iPad bundle​, putting the tools for success in your hands. Find out how you can participate!

Meet Your Basic Needs Too

You are a learner with many types of needs, beyond academics. Find campus and community resources to help meet your basic needs of food, housing, mental and physical health, employment and finance, technology, safety, disability support, transportation, VETS, undocumented & DACA student support, and childcare at Humboldt Basic Needs. You have an important, multi-faceted life and Humboldt wants you to succeed in every way you can.

Some Important Options for You

Jump into some quick courses that will build your knowledge and skills:

And, as always, look for SkillShops to up your game as a learner and a person.

IdeaFest 2022

To see a full scale version of this awesome video, click the arrow button in the player controls.

Accessing Your Library

The Humboldt Library is open! Everyone entering the Humboldt Library will need to show their current Humboldt ID card or show proof of vaccination or a negative test result from a test taken within the last 72 hours.

Masks are not required but are encouraged. Please respect your peers who choose to wear or not wear a mask. No one without a mask is to be excluded from a space or activity.

Study Spaces, Computer Labs and Printing Kioks Are Available!

Visit ITS Computer Labs for information on Open Access Labs and College Labs

New Resource for Humboldt Students: Writing with Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

Canvas Online SkillShop

Humboldt students have ideas, technology and people to learn withLearn how to properly and effectively use sources such as articles, research studies, and other outside materials in your writing and academic work. This  SkillShop covers the basics of citations and discusses how Humboldt's Academic Policy defines plagiarism, why citing sources is valued in academic contexts, and the responsibilities Humboldt students have regarding academic honesty. The SkillShop emphasizes the many resources available to you for your research and writing projects. 

Open the SkillShop now: Writing with Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism Canvas Online SkillShop and click the Enroll in Course button.

Check out the full list of Canvas online SkillShops!

Image source: Nithinan Tatah from the Noun Project.

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