Media Production Services

Media Production Services provides support for faculty and staff working on audio-visual and multimedia projects.

Services include:

  • Recording events (e.g. special lectures or guest speakers)

  • Preparation of audio and video materials for online delivery

  • Support for video conferencing

  • Media conversion between multiple formats

  • Arranging for videos to be closed-captioned

  • Videography support & video project planning

  • Production studio with green screen capabilities
  • Video editing

  • Audio editing

  • Media duplication

  • Arrange for Interactive Zoom class sessions & supportĀ  in our video conferencing suiteĀ 

  • Maintaining the Panopto Searchable Media Library for faculty use

  • For more information please call us at x3169 with requests and inquiries

Deborah Ketelsen

Deborah Ketelsen, Media Production Specialist -Lead

Michel Sargent

Michel Sargent, Media Production Specialist