What part of Professional Development Day was most impactful for you?

Hearing colleagues' stories and feeling connected to them. Also, getting the faculty and staff perspective in one table was awesome!
We all have a story, struggle, failures & successes. I think that sharing those stories can help others have a sense of belonging - being vulnerable, zero shame
Extended time in group with faculty/staff from across campus
This was the most effective meeting structure I've participated in so far at HSU. Group discussions, 10 min speakers, etc... worked well
Share experiences and perspectives. New way to look at the world.

Professional Development Day: Prepare to Teach

August 17-18, 2020

The focus of this year’s Professional Development Day is on instructional continuity. The Center for Teaching & Learning is hosting a two-day series of professional development live, self-paced, and pre-recorded workshops and resources for both virtual and face-to-face instructional settings.

Workshop Formats

LV equals live workshopsLive workshops - 1-hour facilitated learning via Zoom (both days)

PR equals pre-recorded workshopsPre-recorded workshops - live workshop recordings for anytime, anywhere learning

SP equals Self-Paced WorkshopsSelf-paced workshops - 1-2 hours anytime/anywhere learning at your own pace

For more resources check out the HSU Digital Teaching Toolkit!


LV equals live workshops

Live Workshop Learning for August 17 and 18
Live WorkshopsTime
Fostering Student Engagement in Remote Instruction9:00 am
Canvas Design with Modules, Pages, or Both...Oh My!9:00 am
Humanizing Online Learning and Teaching10:00 am
Canvas Gradebook & SpeedGrader: Grading and Feedback11:00 am
Interactive Class Search Tool11:00 am
Transparent Assignment Design + Rubric12:00 pm
Engaging Synchronous Sessions with Zoom Tools12:00 pm
Low Bandwidth Teaching1:00 pm
Personal Resilience in an Uncertain World1:00 pm

SP equals Self-Paced Workshops

Self-Paced Workshop Learning
Self-Paced Workshops
Intro to Canvas and Online Assignments/Activities
Leveraging Multimedia
Engaging Learners Using VoiceThread
Accessibility at HSU

PR equals pre-recorded workshops

Pre-Recorded Workshop Learning
Pre-Recorded Workshops
Fostering Student Engagement in Remote Instruction
Canvas GradeBook & SpeedGrader: Grading and Feedback
Humanizing Online Learning and Teaching
Transparent Assignment Design + Rubric
Low Bandwidth Teaching

What new teaching strategy or technology are you planning to use this fall? (use HSU gmail to access)