Teaching Excellence Symposium - Spring 2023

Reimagining Humboldt as a Cal Poly

April 28, 2023 • 11:00am - 2:00pm
Library Authors Hall • Lunch provided

As Humboldt reimagines itself as a polytechnic institution, educators continue to create innovative ways to further learning excellence within and across the disciplines. This year’s Symposium celebrates this creativity and commitment. 

What Has Worked For You?

Submit a proposal for a paper poster, interactive digital poster or other digital share, or a text narrative by March 31. 

  • Paper Posters: Open poster-style session highlighting inspiring, innovative, and/or impactful work around teaching, learning, and related research (See Poster Templates and Resources)
  • Interactive, Digital Posters, Artifact, or Practice: Open poster-style session highlighting inspiring, innovative, and/or impactful work around teaching, learning, and related research using clickable links, slideshow mode, video, demonstration of something in your teaching, etc. (See Poster Templates and Resources)
  • Text Narrative: Share a story of your teaching/students' learning in text format and it will be posted in the CTL online gallery and also via a QR code in the Symposium handout (see last year's text narrative example for ideas)

Join Us!

Register for the Symposium and hear from a panel of educators on how they are imagining their work within a polytechnic. Explore engaging print and interactive digital posters on display for you and your colleagues to connect with one another and learn more about what we as a Cal Poly campus are doing to further teaching excellence.  

The Center for Teaching & Learning is excited to host this collegial space to explore and celebrate all that educators do to support students at Humboldt!