Video Resources

Video Resources
Canvas Media Library and
Panopto Media Library

The Canvas Media Library is available to all faculty and lecturers and offers over 1400 videos that can be used in a course. All these digitized videos have been requested by faculty, and a unique link has been created for each video that can be embedded into your canvas course. When you scroll through the main page in The Canvas Media Library, you will see that a separate folder has been created for each discipline.

This was the first media library created for faculty use. While this library is terrific and videos in one’s own discipline are easy to locate, you can’t search titles to see what is in the other folders, without manually going through each one.

That is where Panopto Media Library comes in!

The Panopto Media Library, located in Panopto, is a completely searchable database of over 1400 digitized video titles.  Each title has metadata, is keyword searchable, has captions and also has a unique link that can be embedded into your Canvas Course.  Similar to the Canvas Media Library, each discipline has its own folder. These were created so that the faculty requesting the video could easily find the video as well without searching. Although you can search within specific folders and globally. 

Please reach out to either Deborah Ketelsen or Mike Sargent with any questions!