Stepping Stones to Learning

CTL Faculty Stories: Kimberly White

Dr. Kimberly White, Chemistry Department

Professor and Chair of Chemistry, Dr. White discusses how she sees her courses, her instruction, and student learning as a river. She uses the stepping stones metaphor to explain how practical steps can be taken to help students achieve their goals. 

At the heart of her work are two fundamental commitments. The first is to the students – she teaches how to think through chemistry, not to fill empty vessels with chemical facts and procedures. For the first to work, the second must be actualized – a deep commitment to continual improvement as an educator. From weekly low-stakes credit/no credit homework, exam wrappers, and structured group work, Dr. White discusses practical ways to help students academically succeed and in doing so build essential growth mindsets. 

Check out Dr. White’s recent co-publication that outlines more approaches to teaching and learning excellence: Equitable and Inclusive Practices Designed to Reduce Equity Gaps in Undergraduate Chemistry Courses

Another example of teaching excellence at Humboldt.

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