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  • Apr 17 2020
    Fix Higher Ed's Inequities in a Time of Crisis
  • Apr 21 2020
    OLC Ideate Salons for discussions on emerging ideas and effective practices (Online Learning Consortium)

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  • Apr 21 2020
    Thinking Boldly about Scarce Resources


    Anticipating the fiscal implications of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this virtual roundtable discussion among presidents and national experts will focus on opportunities for long-term growth and positive transformation.

  • Apr 22 2020
    Delivering Quality Student Experiences in Virtual Learning Environments

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    The Chronicle of Higher Education and Wiley Education Services webinar with participants discussing a wide variety of approaches to focusing on the student experience

  • Apr 24 2020
    Democracy Despite Disruption: Improving Student Voter Engagement through Pedagogy


    Join a “happy hour” conversation about how faculty can connect voter engagement to their work with students—even in this time of disruption.

  • Apr 28 2020
    Addressing Racial Bias and Microaggressions in Online Environments
  • Apr 29 2020
    CTL eLearning 30-Min Workshop: H5P: A Tool for Interactive Learning

    Would you like to create online interactive content? H5P is just the tool to combine text, images, audio or video in ways that engage students. Join in the fun and then make some fun for your students.

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  • Apr 30 2020
    Equity-Minded Online Teaching: Using Canvas as a Model
  • Apr 30 2020
    CTL eLearning 30-Min Workshop: Humanizing Online in the Final Weeks

    As we find ourselves among a continuous path of uncertainty, how can we humanize the learning and teaching experience for both ourselves and our students? Humanizing is a pedagogical framework that intentionally connects the cognitive domain and the affective domain to create a culture of care. In this session, we will discuss and share some essential humanizing strategies to support our students and ourselves in the last few weeks of the semester.

    Facilitated by: Kim Vincent-Layton, Center for Teaching and Learning

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  • May 1 2020
    Shaping Teaching and Learning to Address a Global Health Crisis: COVID-19 and Global Health

Employing Equity-Minded & Culturally-Affirming Teaching Practices in Virtual Learning Communities

Employing Equity-Minded & Culturally-Affirming Teaching Practices in Virtual Learning Communities