Keep Learning Cal Poly Humboldt

Keep Learning Cal Poly Humboldt Students and stairs to Founder's Hall plus student typing on laptop

Read/Think/Listen/Study @Humboldt

What do you do at your own desk to thoughtfully and consciously engage in ways that are healthy/productive/efficient to your learning? 

Getting Organized

Choosing the right ground rules for yourself will smooth your way to being able to focus on learning. You’ve probably already heard some suggestions about time management and organization — check out these thoughtful, broader ways to control your environment. You might make great use of the Learning Center’s Student Learning Resources for planning and time management. Campus dates/deadlines are helpful to track too.

Using Effective Strategies

It might be a good time to tune up your core skills of taking in ideas through reading, thinking, listening and studying. Are your practices helping you to be effective and efficient? Consider these approaches and resources.

Write/Speak/Work/Share @Humboldt

What do you do to share/articulate/display your thoughts/work with others? 

Sharing Your Work

It might be a good time to tune up your core skills of articulating and sharing ideas. Your faculty will plan for ways that you develop, turn in and share your work. You can work in ways that allow you to best use your own background and strengths.