Taylor Bloedon

Tentative Title/Topic"Case Studies and Critical Thinking"
QuestionCan case-based learning enhance critical thinking skills and improve student outcomes?
MethodsObservations, grade analysis, course exit survey/feedback.
Sample Size70 (two semesters)
Short DescriptionStudents will learn concepts and then apply them to a case study. The athlete case study will be presented and students are asked to provide nutrient recommendations with justification first on their own outside of class, then in class in small groups then as a large group we will compare each small groups final recommendations and discuss the rationale for each until we come up with the best fit as a group. The instructor will facilitate a method of questioning/probing for more detailed explanations for recommendations, bringing up concepts that have been discussed in class.
QuoteWatching students change their own mind on a recommendation and see the light turn on by simply asking them questions to get them to think deeper about what they already know is wonderful.
What's Next?Does this reduce or alleviate instructor grading (quality of student responses)
Taylor Bloedon