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The Center for Teaching & Learning functions at the intersection of content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge. In collaboration with faculty, administrators, and staff, we work to inspire, innovate, and positively impact student learning.




The Center for Teaching and Learning mission is to collectively inspire and innovate teaching excellence in support of student learning and faculty success. To this end, the CTL is dedicated to highlighting that excellent work that often goes unnoticed. We want to help tell those stories so that we can imagine and move toward meaningful, rewarding, and exciting change. 

Innovation in teaching and learning functions on a continuum. What may be novel to one may be common practice for another. The CTL wishes to explore with faculty this continuum; what it can be, and where it can go.

Our work as educators is understood by its impact. We impact hearts and minds as well as individuals and communities. The CTL’s work is measured on its impact on teaching and learning success. From equity and evidence-based practice to intellectual engagement, the CTL works to ground ideas in action.