Deepti Chatti

Goal: To change the paradigm of grading and assessments in my class so that learning is fostered for each student, at whichever level they may be at when they start the semester.
Resources More time in the week for grading (ie. this class has to count for more WTUs for me to have the time to do this in the long run, and not just on a pilot basis). This strategy involves a LOT more grading from the professor.
Action Steps:  

1) Design the syllabus such that we have multiple low-stakes assignments spread through the semester so that learning and assessment is continuous and incremental

2) Provide an opportunity for doing more assignments than necessary and offer to select the best grades (ie. 8 weekly reflections needed; but students can submit for more weeks and I will choose the 8 best grades)

3) Provide multiple opportunities for extra credit points so that a student who may score poorly at the beginning on a few assignments can do extra work and catch up (ie. Design the class such that mistakes or a lower level of writing is not penalized as long as the student puts in more effort to learn)

Outcome Measurement

Everyone should learn more than they knew at the beginning of the semester, and everyone works to improve their own knowledge, rather than working towards a set target. If I design the assignments accurately, eventually everyone who puts in adequate effort should get an A, making up the points through multiple different ways.