FLC on Inclusive Teaching

The focus of the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Inclusive Teaching is to explore and reflect on a variety of strategies and practices that engage and challenge all of our students. The goal is to celebrate the work we are doing, share with colleagues from across disciplines, and consider opportunities for ongoing critical reflection in our practice. Through the FLC framework, we will explore the practical, as well as the lifelong journey of inclusive learning environments.

The FLC on Inclusive Teaching meets monthly over the course of two semesters. 

  • Faculty explore, implement, assess, and share their inclusive teaching project over the course of one year.

  • Cohort members present will present their projects at the Humboldt Teaching Excellence Symposium on April 24, 2020.

Co-facilitated by Kim Vincent-Layton and Kim White

mark_wicklund face

Mark Wicklund
Weekly Cooperative Learning
Around Homework Assignments

 Bori Mazzag
Intentional Use of Self-reflection
to Improve Student Learning

Jill Pawlowski
Using Student Experience to Drive Project

Adamou Fode Made

Ruth Hoffmann
Scholarly Identity via Inclusive Pedagogy
Deepti Chatti
Grading to Foster Learning 
Meenal Rana
Scaffolding Writing in Life Span
Jenny cappuccio headshot

Jenny Cappuccio
Flipped Lectures to Increase
Student Engagement and
Critical Thinking
in Biochemistry

John Steele
Connecting the Dots: Daily Review-Preview and T-P-S as Priming Exercises

Kayla Begay
Universal Design and Scaffolding the Writing Process